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Regarding PixelPatcher:

PixelPatcher is a filter I wrote to solve a serious problem with one of my projects. But it is no longer actively developed. I no longer do ANY technical support for PixelPatcher. Frankly putting out FREEware can sometimes be a real pain in the ass. You'd be surprised at the kind of crap some people fling at you when they're dissatisfied with their free stuff. I now understand why some programmers are so hesitant to make their stuff public. Write it, use it, and then move on. It'll save you a lot of time. The vast majority of people who have contacted me have been very easy to deal with and considerate of my time. But I've almost taken down PixelPatcher twice now over the few who haven't been. I know what it feels like to find hot pixels in video when there's no easy way to fix them. It sucks. So for now PixelPatcher is still available. But please just download a copy and leave it at that.

If you send me a tech support question about PixelPatcher I'm likely to delete it without answering. I might answer but only if it isn't something already covered on the web page. I just can't spend any more time on this thing. It's only free software - not free tech support. Everything you need to know to run PixelPatcher is documented on the web page. Virtually everyone gets it running from that info without any help but a few times people haven't been able to figure it out. If you can't get it running from the info on the web page then you'll have to find another solution. Keep in mind that virtually everyone figured out how to use it from the info on the page. The information you need is already there. But I no longer do tech support for PixelPatcher. I am busy with other projects. This is a dead project to me.

I accept bug reports but I make no promises about fixing them. Almost all problems have to do with compatibility with other programs which support OpenFX filters. Unfortunately, OpenFX filters are complicated and usually require a few changes to work with a new program. I can only fix the problem if I can replicate it on my machine and I can't do that if I don't have their software. I'd like to fix bugs in PixelPatcher so it continues to be useful but usually they're compatibility problems with programs I don't own.

If PixelPatcher helped you out then feel free to send a message but I'd appreciate it if you included which program and operating system you are using. It helps me keep track of where it's known to work. I remember that "oh crap" feeling when I noticed there was a bunch of static purple pixels in a clip I was lucky to get. Everyone who writes video editors should include a fix for them. It's only humane. I shouldn't have had to write this thing. It should be built into all video editors. Hot pixels happen. It's a fact.

Regarding everything else on this site:

Yes, I know most of this site is very out of date. It was a part-time project I worked on for a few years. Some pages rarely required updates but others needed constant maintainance. Then I moved onto another project always figuring that I'd come back and update stuff which had become dated. That was probably about five years ago or so. Of course keep in mind that this page may be way out of date. So you have no idea how long ago this was. Hmmm. Internet time is complicated. Maybe I'll fix it someday. Or maybe not.

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