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How to find specifications for your computer

If you want to upgrade your computer, you need to gather some very specific information. For some computers you can find that information in the manuals which came with the machine. Unfortunately, many computers sold these days come with only basic manuals which don't include the technical specs. If your manual doesn't include sufficiently detailed specifications then you can usually find them on the Internet. If you have a pre-built computer from a company like Compaq or Dell then you first need to find the specific model number of your computer. It is usually written on your computer somewhere on the front of the case or on a label on the back. If you can't find it then run the DXDiag program. To run it, click the "Start" button, then click "Run", type in "dxdiag" (without the quotes), and then press OK. The System tab gives you some basic information about your computer. The "System Manufacturer" and "System Model" fields should tell you what you need to know. Once you have the model number you can usually get system specifications from the manufacturer's web site. If all else fails, try to find it with google by searching for your manufacturer and model number.

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If you can't find specific information for your computer, there are some free programs you can download which provide technical information. Belarc Advisor creates a summary of what's in your computer. Sandra Lite provides thorough technical information about all of your hardware. CPU-Z gives detailed information about your CPU, motherboard, and RAM.

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